Living History Restored

Retired Railwayman, Historian and Photo Restorer, among other things. This site will mainly feature enhanced transport photos. Enjoy. Michael Venn.
J1201 & MAV Moana 1967

This site features Australian and New Zealand railways, using historical photographs from public domain or creative commons collections found of the Internet, and my own railway photographs of the last decade of steam locomotive operation in Australasia, from 1959 to 1969. I have used Photoshop to restore and enhance the exposures, sometimes adding clouds and smoke, or eliminating distractions like poles and wires. In the pre-digital era, serious photographers did much more than point the camera and shoot. Exposing the film in a camera was the easy part. Back in the studio the film was developed then prints had to be made from the negatives. That involved selecting the right sensitivity of paper, and when making the exposure 'dodging' thin parts of the negative and 'burning in' dense parts. Sometimes this could take hours, and no two exposures would be exactly the same. Once the print was developed, washed, and dried, spots and scratches would be retouched with special paints and brushes. In restoring scans old photographs, I am merely continuing a century old craft, using digital tools. The object being to make the most visually pleasing representation possible while remaining faithful to the subject.